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Type 0 Hypervisor

Type 0 Hypervisor’s purpose is to run a centrally stored, layered virtual environment – natively on any given end-point.

When the user logs in on his laptop, Type 0 is the first thing that runs. It then retrieves the environment layers appropriate for this execution (for example, corporate OS instance, “common apps” container, “departmental apps” container, “user installed apps” container, and “user’s personalization” container). Type 0 then combines these layers into a complete environment, and executes it on the end-point. Type 0 hypervisor interacts with the OS kernel and works by executing the virtualized system directly on top of the real hardware layer, exposing all features of the actual hardware in full, providing full access to physical communication buses and devices. The Type 0 hypervisor provides genuine performance and native user experience, yet preserves the benefits of centrally stored virtual containers.

This approach has been developed from the ground up specifically for client-side virtualization. Previous Type 2 and Type 1 virtualization models have both originated on the server side and work great there. The problems begin with the attempts to “stretch” this server-side technology to client-side. Specifically, Type 2 and Type 1 hypervisors mean that there is a redundant OS (two OSes/kernels running – host and guest), and a virtual hardware layer, which incurs performance penalties, limits peripherals connectivity and application compatibility.

Type 0 removes both of those limitations. There is only on OS at all times, one running kernel, and no virtual hardware layer. Type 0 thus provides a genuine, rich user experience – just like the users are accustomed to.

Click here to see Type 0 in action! (6min video)


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