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Computer broke down? Zinstall Rescue Kit will still rescue your programs, settings and files from it.


Zinstall Rescue Kit rescues your programs, files and data directly from your broken old computer's hard drive, and transfers them to your new computer.

Old hard drive is partially corrupted / has bad sectors? You can still use the Rescue Kit! Check out this tutorial on recovering a hard drive with bad sectors.

No matter what happened to your old computer - lightning strike, dead motherboard, or maybe it just won't turn on - Zinstall Rescue Kit will help, as long as the hard drive is still intact.

Zinstall Rescue Kit will extract the contents of the old machine onto your new computer, and you'll be able to continue working as before.

This Computer Rescue software uses the state-of-the-art Zinstall technology, and takes your programs, settings and files from your old system to the new one, with no re-installs. And if you have any trouble or need assistance - our support team can resolve even the most problematic cases.

Zinstall Rescue Kit

Rescue your apps and files from a broken computer.




Still hesitate? Need help? Our system engineers will accompany you step-by-step and even perform the rescue of your PC remotely over the Internet. Contact our Premium Support to schedule your Premium Support session. Our support team is available 24x7 by appointment.

Your Transfer is 100% Guaranteed

No matter what, your migration will happen.

Our migration techs are standing by to assist.

Successful Migration Guaranteed


Computer Rescue Kit: $169

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