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Zero Downtime Recovery Suite

Zinstall Zero Downtime Recovery Suite allows you to get your machines back to work in case of a disaster, completely, with no data loss or time loss.

With that, ZDR is made for use even in smaller organizations, so you can deploy it in your SMB without spending additional IT resources.

Unlike typical DR solutions, ZDR does not require complicated scheduling or re-running image backups. It incurs little to none performance impact on the user, with zero backup window - always live.

ZDR covers all files, profiles, settings and applications. It can restore the entire environment, regardless of hardware, Windows version, 32 or 64bit.

For example, a broken Dell Vista 32bit environment can be restored to a brand new HP Windows 10 64bit machine; and a deprecated Windows 2008 32bit server can be restored to Windows 2012 64bit.

Under the hood, Zinstall ZDR provides a dramatic reduction in resources required for being completely covered in case of a disaster:

  • I/O is cut down to 1/6th of typical DR usage
  • Free space requirement is nullified (so even an almost full system can be protected)
  • Processing time is cut down to 1/4th
  • Total time from unprotected machine to complete protection is reduced by half compared to traditional tools


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