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Zinstall takes you to your new computer.
Now, with full Windows 10 support!

Choose which transfer is right for you:

If you prefer not to do the transfer yourself, our techs can do the transfer for you remotely via the internet, using our full remote service option - click here for more information.

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Standard transfer

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Advanced transfer

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If you are doing a standard transfer from one computer to another, use WinWin. It supports transferring from one live, functioning computer to another. You can even go from one Windows 10 to another Windows 10.

If your transfer is more complex, use the Migration Kit Pro. It supports:
- transfer from broken computers,
- transfer to SSD drives
- in-place upgrade to Windows 10,
8 or 7, on same PC
- transfer without a network connection
- virtualized transfer
Even in difficult transfers, we'll get you through.

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